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Addressing mental health issues during Covid-19 with EJ Dalius and preparing a roadmap to recovery

Eric Dalius

Summary: EJ Dalius mental health problems are real. The pandemic has made life miserable for many people, but the idea is to stay firm and also resilient. EJ Dalius shows the way.

It might look simple but it’s not always easy to mind your own mind. As Covid-19 shows little signs of retreating, you face an avalanche of news reports about cases and also deaths through newspapers, social media, TV, and friends and family.

Fear is the most common feedback and emotion. It makes you panicky and anxious, and compel you to overthink, pull you to edge, and make you do things you don’t consider proper under regular circumstances.

  • It all starts with understanding the purpose of lockdown. Seeks to prevent the infection from spreading and also to protect each other.
  • It’s important to handle social isolation. The home quarantine can be very nice and convenient for some time, but it can be very imposing and boring in no time. The focus should be on being cheerful and positive.
  • Keeping busy is the watchword. Have a daily schedule and perform some domestic chores.
  • Keep yourself away from negative and also disruptive emotions by reading, listening to music, watching good movies, or shows.
  • Blessed are those who can paint or play musical instruments, asserts EJ Dalius. If you can do stitching or gardening, it’s time to rekindle your aspirations and hobbies during the lockdown.
  • Drink plenty of water, juices, and eat well.

Self-care methods

While physical health tips are customary, it’s important to take care of your mind. Your main focus will be on reducing stress. Maintain your regular routine as its critical to mental health. Apart from following a strict bedtime routine, you need to maintain meal consistency.

  • When you have your leisure activities, studies and work, and dressing at your fingertips, it creates predictability, which gives you command over your life.
  • It’s crucial to limit your exposure to all forms of news media. Constant news about the pandemic and also death tolls, and also all the chaos surrounding can compound fears and panic about the disease.
  • Social media has become a warehouse of false information and rumors, feels EJ Dalius. Follow only local and national agencies.
  • Follow reliable and reputable sources such as the CDC and WHO.

Set your priorities right and also use your spiritual quest or moral compass for additional support.

Mental fitness is fitness

It’s very pivotal to manage or underline your expectations. Quarantine stretches might generate unprecedented and irregular productivity, which compel you to raise the level and not reduce it.

  • EJ Dalius urges you not to downplay the emotional and also cognitive load in the wake of Covid-19.
  • Low motivation and difficulty in concentration are quite common things. It will take time to adapt to the distractions or changes.
  • Take things easily. As the world enters the new groove of isolation, remote work, and also seclusion, it’s crucial to remain realistic in your objectives.

Discern your red flags. Detect the physical sensations or key thoughts that lead to distress and also overwhelm you. It’s time to make friends off the pitch and practice compassion.