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Are You Worried About Your Employees Quitting The Company? Know What Saivian Eric Dalius Has to Say About It and Act before It’s Too Late


Businesses are getting disrupted as a large number of employees are leaving their jobs. The companies are finding it hard to deal with the problem says Saivian Eric Dalius. And they will struggle to solve this problem as they cannot understand why in the first place their employees are leaving the company. To fix the problem, many companies have introduced benefits like a “thank you bonus” or have even increased the pay. But all these haven’t yielded any results. They failed to strengthen the ties among their employees. The workers sensed the lack of appreciation from their company’s end. 

Today’s leaders must understand that the pandemic has taught us many things. The most important thing we have learned is to value each other as humans. Moreover, you have to understand that your employees might be mentally tired or even grieving over the loss of a dear person. They look forward to a new start with a renewed purpose to work. They also want to grow social and interpersonal relationships with their coworkers and managers. Perks, benefits, pay rise – all are required, no doubt. But above all, what Saivian Eric Dalius says is you to make your employees feel value.  

Companies are far from addressing the issue: Saivian Eric Dalius

Attrition is happening on a large scale. While judging the methods adopting by the founders to stop it, we find that they are not enough to solve the issue. By not addressing the root cause, the companies are putting their businesses at risk. The pandemic has changed the perspectives of the workers. They now look forward to flexibility at work and fulfillment of employee satisfaction. Many are even ready to withdraw themselves from full-time employment as well.  

What actions should the company take to stop the attrition before it’s too late?

According to Saivian Eric Dalius, companies should focus on understanding what their employees want from them. Initiate an open dialogue with the workers. It’s the only way the founders can figure out the actual reason for the mass quitting and take necessary action to stop it. This could be a great opportunity for the companies to gain an edge in the market by implementing ways to retain the talents and thrive as an organization in the post-pandemic world.

Saivian Eric Dalius advises the leaders to take the first step in solving the problem

We know that it’s easier to say. It won’t be an easy task for the leaders to understand what the employees want from their companies. The leaders need to develop empathy for what the employees must have suffered or are also suffering. However, This empathy should be guided by compassion and determination to bring about the necessary change. Only then the employers will be able to address the needings and requirements of their employees and provide a sense of unity and purpose, connectivity, and flexibility that people crave. 


Senior executives will find it hard to adjust to the new normal. The skills that proved valuable in growing and nurturing talents (mentoring, strong coaching) no longer hold that great effectiveness in the present scenario. New techniques must be found and put to use to retain the employees for the betterment of the companies.