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Cryptocurrencies to watch for in 2020 and beyond – view by Eric J Dalius


Those interested in investing in watch cryptocurrencies must be aware of the current cryptocurrency market landscape. They will also know which altcoins and also tokens are worth pursuing this year and beyond. During 2019, the crypto sector gained considerably. Mainstream traction triggered by Bitcoin’s amazing recovery that saw a stream of new investors entering the space. It was a phenomenal year for Bitcoin that zoomed to a price point of around $14,000. EJ Dalius, an experienced crypto investor, agrees with many other experts that the flourishing. Marketspace could scale new heights with many digital currencies surpassing their earlier ATH values during the year.

Bitcoin heads the list of cryptos in 2020 with the usual first and second-generation cryptos to attract investors.  Let us now look at the detailed list of cryptos to look out for in 2020.

Bitcoin – a favorite of Eric J Dalius

Bitcoin (BTC) is the ubiquitous and also lucrative watch crypto asset in the market even today and also enjoys a 60% global crypto market share. The currency maintains its leadership position as evident from its ability to impact the market every time it experiences volatility. Bitcoin enjoys a respectable financial status among investors of all kinds, from novices to seasoned players who consider it as the perfect instrument for investment. Besides being a tried and tested asset, BTC has seen its infrastructure grow by leaps and bounds for a decade that makes experts believe in its ability to touch the $1000, 000 during 2020.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum ranks second in the crypto world in watch terms of total market capitalization. Since the launch of the asset in 2015, it has gained enough investor confidence. To turn it into the most sought-after cryptocurrency in the market. The unique ETH framework built atop the ETH blockchain puts it much ahead of its closest rivals.  The ETH eco-system can offer its users a host of extraordinary features like smart contract utilization and also seamless decentralized governance. To add a feather to its cap, ETH boasts of having one of the most active global developers. Communities, which pose it for performing at its best in 2020.

Ripple (XRP)

Since its release in 2012, XRP has become extremely popular. From a technical perspective. The cryptocurrency watch plays a vital role in facilitating the transactions happening. Within the XRP ecosystem that makes people look upon it as private financial services. A platform that offers its users several amazing products like RippleNET, xCurrent, and XRapid.

Ripple’s various services find favor with some banking institutions globally, including Standard Chartered, Cuallix, and also Santander, to name a few. Although XRP was able to overtake ETH a few years back briefly. It now maintains its third position in terms of market capitalization.

Digibyte (DGB)

Although many crypto enthusiasts may not watch be familiar. With this asset, experts are optimistic about the promising financial prospects of DGB in 2020.  This completely decentralized asset offers higher transactional speeds than many of its counterparts. Because of its amazing block time, it is 40 times faster than BTC without compromising security. DGB aims to establish a universally accessible global payment system.