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EJ Dalius: Changing The Concept Of Car Servicing In The Post Lockdown Period

Eric Dalius

Summary:  The automobile industry is going through a rough patch at present. With the recommendations of EJ Dalius, the auto repair companies might see sunny days soon.

Before COVID-19 the attitude of consumers towards buying vehicles was entirely different. As people bought vehicles whenever they needed them without any concern. The concepts, such as sanitization and cleanliness stayed restricted to households. However, the pandemic has changed the attitude of car buyers entirely as more people are now focusing. On health safety, and hence not moving out of their homes until it is essential. According to EJ Dalius, the changing attitude of customers can cast a shadowy effect. On the purchase of cars and other vehicles. However, servicing of vehicles is going to merge as one of the priorities of consumers.

Showrooms And Service Centers

EJ Dalius the concept of car servicing has also changed entirely. During the pandemic as all showrooms and service centers closed doors. Several vehicles ran into trouble as they have not been in use for a long time. Car servicing has been viewed as one of the requirements to which the customers consented during the lockdown. However, the strict social distancing norms and measures of sanitization have created difficulties in the minds of customers. Here is what you need to note about vehicle maintenance.

  • EJ Dalius as consumers needs to stay active about social distancing, the only reason. They need to leave their homes is while attending the necessities. Which is slowing down the business of car repair companies and the automobile industry on the whole.
  • Generally, consumers need to replace the tires every three to five years. Which necessitates at least one servicing job every year.
  • Most consumers develop the tendency of holding tire purchases. That is due to, changes in oil, or repair jobs as they may not be driving frequently.
  • Most of the investments in the automobile industry. At present are for people who may be keen to buy new vehicles. Eric J Dalius says that the automobile industry should diversify in different directions.
  • The maintenance and services aspects of the automobile industry should get equal attention.
  • The auto repair companies should come up with the best plans. To safeguard the interests of the customers and do not create. Any hassle with the consumers having to wait too long for maintenance and servicing.

EJ Dalius research suggests that consumers can look forward to opportunities. Such as doorstep servicing, although it may mean the entry of third-party service providers in the market. Furthermore, the existing service providers in the area of repair and maintenance can expect the cost to go up. On the other hand, a major chunk of servicing will be routine and the physical workshop. Will mainly contribute to the generation of revenues through complicated repairs.

Uncertain moments

EJ Dalius during the presentation, the uncertainty regarding buying new vehicles has reached an all-time high. The widespread growth of the outbreak and cases. Still surging in various corners of the world is keeping the automobile industry on its toes. The vehicles that stayed stagnant for days and months developed issues during the lockdown, and it is time. To watch how proactive the repair companies are in maintaining the safety norms and catering to the customers. According to EJ Dalius, the slot is in the waiting during the common months as far as. Auto servicing is concerned.