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EJ Dalius: Digital Marketing in an AI Future

Eric Dalius

The development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has drastically improved the potential of businesses worldwide. AI boosts a company’s digital marketing efforts and offers useful insights to customers. It allows companies to collect and evaluate data efficiently, leading to valuable insights. AI is indeed transforming digital marketing for the better and continues to improve.

EJ Dalius trends and studies indicate that AI has become indispensable for digital marketing, and this trend will not stop anytime soon. The future of digital products is bright. Everyone seems to use some sort of AI these days. You can see examples from the movie The Matrix, companies like Google, or the self-driving technology that Tesla uses. More and more businesses are leveraging AI. AI has become the game-changer for digital marketing.

According to an article published on, AI has the potential to optimize. And restructure digital campaigns and eliminate the risks of human error. With more advancement in the field of AI, the chance of human error will continue to decrease.

Here are some of the ways AI is transforming digital marketing:

EJ Dalius cites examples of AI merging with AR or VR

As AI merges with visual technologies like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), it ushers in a completely new and unique experience for the consumers. Let’s look at an example. The beverage company Coca-Cola merged AR and AI by superimposing computer graphics above a customer’s image. They used real-world vision through the usage of glasses and a headset at some of its factories. This technology lets technicians get details about the equipment and makes it easier to service equipment. This also allows technicians to service a machine remotely, which increases efficiency in a factory.

AI also aids communication. Merging AR or VR with AI, not only allows customers to consume a product in a new way, but it also helps companies develop a robust brand image to build an improved sense of loyalty from a business’s consumer base.

EJ Dalius emphasizes on the use of AI chatbots

The growth of AI semantic identification, processing language, and voice-change technology. Has shown that AI customer-oriented service is simple and can offer an enhanced consumer experience. If you compare it with manual service, you will find that AI chatbots come with numerous benefits.

AI chatbots can also facilitate communication with companies. Although most companies still allow customers to talk to another human when they have a question. Many companies have started using chatbots as a first step in the customer service chain. This means that a company can offer support to many customers simultaneously in various time zones. This is just one reason why many companies are opting to use AI chatbots in their business plan.

AI chatbots, unlike humans, never rest, and they can work round-the-clock. AI helps by replying to customer queries in real-time. This technology is not only effective. And super-efficient but also provides support at odd times beyond usual business hours, thus enhancing the overall customer experience.

Besides these benefits, customers have the liberty to pick the language utilized by AI customer service. This means that a business can offer localized and enhanced customer service.

Today, many businesses have begun interacting with their buyers via messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, as well as Slack. All of these applications benefit from AI chatbots to streamline the overall process.

EJ Dalius on predictive analytics and behavioral analysis

Did you know an increasing number of businesses are recruiting experts such as data scientists and application programmers particularly for their marketing divisions? You might be wondering why. Well, the skills of data scientists and programmers prove beneficial. To predict the outcome of the majority of marketing or promotional campaigns.

The world wide web is a storehouse of information, and like a behavioral science lab, and there is so much data to interpret. The human brain alone cannot understand and evaluate all. This is where the importance of AI comes into play.

With the use of machine learning together with big data analytics, AI gains the ability to offer brands useful. And actionable insights concerning marketing campaigns and customer behavior. This way, businesses will be able to hyper-customize communications as well as anticipate consumers. Behavior depending on the collated information or data.

Because brands invest huge sums of money into advanced technologies. Such as AI, we will be able to find out both the best and worst ways to implement AI in the field of digital marketing.

The use of AI in digital advertising

It is indeed true that AI has taken digital advertising to another level. AI leverages social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and search engines like Google to offer. The best user experience to marketers and consumers alike. Be it Google or social channels, they evaluate user data including customer age, gender, demographics, income, interests, and purchasing behavior. All such information helps marketers design the most relevant ads to pique buyer interest, thus boosting the efficiency of digital advertising.

By leveraging AI, modern marketers can identify micro-trends as well as foresee buyer trends, thus helping them to arrive at strategic decisions about where to assign their marketing budget and whom to target. Consequently, businesses can cut back on digital ad waste and make certain their marketing dollars bring the most favorable and positive outcomes.

Final Thoughts

Today, AI is easily accessible and the most powerful tool for digital marketing. It is indisputable that this advanced technology influences the choice of buyers, thus helping marketers to come up with relevant suggestions and timely and exemplary customer service.

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