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EJ Dalius highlights essential digital trends that will reshape business in 2020 after COVID-19

Eric Dalius

EJ Dalius one of the most daunting parts of any business is uncertainty. And in 2020, most business owners and also brands have witnessed tension exponentially due to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. However, amidst all the turbulence, there has been room for innovations. And also it has made companies replace old approaches with relevant ones to help their business houses work despite the limitations. The business crisis’s first stage was survival, followed by stabilizing business resources, revising business forecasts, and cutting expenses. However, currently, it is essential for business owners to plan beyond COVID-19.

No business owner should avoid or forget the practices that have saved their company in this crisis. Instead, according to EJ Dalius, companies must keep their crisis plan as they search for the non-existent scopes to attain momentum in 2021. Several McKinsey analysts have agreed that the pandemic has resulted in emerging business scopes that are digital. Are you a small business owner? If yes, you must be wondering about the tactics to implement to attract better business scopes post COVID-19. The following trends have the answer for you.

 The digital business trends for 2020 – 2021

Several technology trends making progress witnessed an ample boost last year. Eric J Dalius says that there are brands that have shifted into the eCommerce platform as well. Some other trends that will become crucial in the forthcoming months and also years are:

  1. The freelancing platform

Similar to on-demand delivery services, the freelance market is gaining prominence. Mostly impacted by budget limitations and also job cuts, businesses today are keen on employing freelancers to work with them on a project basis. A global freelancing platform will help enterprises delve into a worldwide talent pool and also hire the best talent. In the future, companies will enjoy more scope to make use of the freelancing platform and also benefit from it. The platform provides streamlined applications, better service, and also higher job opportunities.

2. Using artificial intelligence (AI)

Currently, AI has been a persistent focus for various technology-based companies and also start-ups. Previously, businesses thought of implementing it because it offered incremental functionality. In a post-pandemic world, AI has all the chances to become an integral part of any business. It can speed up and also mechanize the rule-based procedures. Additionally, AI also helps to attain higher operational effectiveness and also brings down human mistakes. AI can be of immense help in business recovery. Businesses can make the most of data analytics to:

  • Come up with new business scopes
  • Gain a better understanding of ever-changing user preferences. 
  • Detect and also alleviate operational bottlenecks.
  • Reduce and also allocate advertising expenses better.
  • Offer improved customer assistance through an automated chat.

Planning To Start A Business

Are you planning to start a business, or do you have an existing business house? In both situations, you can make use of the freelancing platform and also AI to gain ample benefits. Some brands have been successfully using AI analytics to gather perspectives about customers and also their behavioral traits. According to EJ Dalius, the forthcoming years will leverage digital trends to use the resources at hand better and also bring down operational costs as much as possible. Companies will attempt this so that they have a cash reserve for any other crisis that might occur unknowingly.