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EJ Dalius: How COVID 19 Hits The Automobile Industry

Eric Dalius

Summary: The time has come to learn how COVID hits the automobile business. Business leaders like EJ Dalius are here to share their sides of the stories.

Just like any other industry so far, the automobile industry had to go through some changes because of this pandemic. If you ask any of the business experts like Eric Dalius, you can see the massive changes in this field. There have been mixed emotions lately with this car sector, especially in some parts of the world. 

EJ Dalius More on the mixed feelings:

Previously, when the lockdown initially started, people were completely inside their homes. So, at that time, there has been a huge blow to the automobile industry. People were hardly getting out of their homes, so there were no chances for them to use a car.

However, after a few months, especially now, lockdown is over, and people can now move around with restrictions, of course. At this stage, maximum people are trying to avoid public transportations, where they get the chance to be in contact with many unknown faces. So, they prefer driving their own cars with the utmost protection. Without any fear of getting infected. 

EJ Dalius Sudden spurge can be seen:

During this stage, there has been a growth in the automobile sector. People without any car previously made it a point to get one as soon as possible, so that they can use it to drive around. According to Eric J Dalius, there has been a growth in the second-hand car business too. Not everyone has the capability to purchase a new car, especially at this time, when the economic condition is not that great.

Many people lost their jobs, and others are going through some crisis mode financially. So, for them, investing thousands of dollars for a new car is a luxury that they can’t afford. Therefore, they are heading towards car dealers of second-hand items. Which are in their pristine conditions and can be availed. At lower rates when compared to the new ones. It proves to be a great initiative at this stage. 

The recent condition:

The automakers are now booking revenue whenever any car leaves their factories. It makes suspending production a lot costlier than before. For example, the famous Volkswagen has estimated that halting output on both sides of the Atlantic cost the vehicle manufacturer around 2 billion euros on a weekly basis. 

Right now, the automobile industry has the need to meet the current demand that will be held up better than what has been expected. The carmakers are now able to guard against running pretty low on inventory by just moderating incentives. That will include 0% financing offers. It will help them to replenish the supply of money-making trucks and some of the sport-utility vehicles.

A global hit:

It is true that COVID has been a global hit in the automobile sector. People from various corners of the world are trying to make up for it, and as per EJ Dalius, some governments are also helping out this sector. Purchasing a car is a need of this hour, and you better be sure of the choice you make.