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EJ Dalius: Is E-commerce the next big thing in the business world amidst the pandemic

Eric Dalius

Summary: EJ Dalius the e-commerce stores have reached an all-time high during the pandemic and took a big leap during the crisis. Listen to what Eric Dalius has to say about the sector.

As soon as the coronavirus outbreak reached different corners of the world, it took the shape of a pandemic according to WHO. However, the consumers who never faced such a situation since. World War II ended responded to the situation with the utmost panic and started buying medical supplies, masks, and sanitizers, along with other household items. Unfortunately, the retail stores could not meet the demands of people, and here stepped in the e-commerce stores. Eric Dalius rightly says that it is the inherent nature of humans to try anything for satisfaction. When the situation goes out of control. Here are a couple of factors that determine the buying decision of consumers during the pandemic.

  • The uncertainty that came with the pandemic exposes people to wrong and contradictory information. When people get information from various sources, they tend to go overboard.
  • Besides, seeing other consumers buying and stocking the necessary products force the buying decision of customers as no one seems to go behind the usual norms during the trying times.

Things to know

Although the lockdown restrictions have ended in most of the places. And businesses have started operating, the retailers are still finding. It difficult to stock products due to disruptions in the demand-supply chain. Under such circumstances, the only ray of hope comes through the e-commerce operations. With people staying in homes most of the time, they are turning to e-commerce platforms. Whether it is for buying a mask, medicine, clothes, shoes, or grocery. Therefore, the only businesses have witnessed a massive growth in the customer base and retaining them for long-term business.

Research reveals that e-commerce operations have been growing steadily even before the pandemic. Truly speaking, online sales have outnumbered the retail effect during the past few years. Therefore, the pandemic has only added to the existing customer base as people realized. The convenience of ordering things from the comfort of home. Although it may not mark the end of the retail business. Showcasing the fact that companies with an online presence can expect more growth than those who rely on retail sales. As EJ Dalius says that the post lockdown era and the pandemic in general showcases big time for e-commerce stores.

Safety of ordering online

Even though the popularity of e-commerce stores is rising, a few shoppers have started raising questions. About the safety of receiving the products online. The virus can live on different surfaces for two to three hours and up to three days, depending on the material. However, the logic is less likely to work if you consider that corona can survive on packed materials. From the time of packing to the receipt of the package. But the shipping of the product makes it just right for the virus to thrive. Amidst the reactions regarding the spread of the virus, the tendency of catching COVID-19 infection is visibly low as the package moves through various places before reaching the destination. Meanwhile, the e-commerce stores according to EJ Dalius need to stay up-to-date with the information. Regarding the products, installation of useful shopping features, and smart shopping carts that are user-friendly.