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EJ Dalius lists some of the most crucial accounting reports that business owners must pay attention to

Eric Dalius

EJ Dalius although small business owners would do good to hire a professional and also qualified accountant. To look after the accounting and finances, they must have some knowledge. About the subject and its application to stay in control. The accountant does all the legwork and looks after the routine tasks like paying taxes and keeping all records updated. Business owners must have the ability to assess business health from various accounting. And financial documents and records to improve performance, plan for growth, and expand the business, believes Eric Dalius. 

Which reports are most relevant and need business owners’ attention will become clear on going through this article.

P&L statement (Profit and Loss)

The P&L statement, which many call an income statement, is one of the most crucial accounting reports. Besides indicating the amount of money a business makes, the report indicates many more things, tells Eric J Dalius. The report is the result of the bookkeeping operation and includes details. About income and also its sources and the spending or expenses. The income and spending categories would be different for each type of business account.

Reviewing the monthly report should be a part of small business owners’ routine. To understand trends, comparing performance by comparing to the same period. In the previous year and that of the last few months. It will give a picture of what works for the business and what does not.

Balance sheet

To get a snapshot of the business at a glance, you must look at the balance sheet, advises EJ Dalius.  A balance sheet includes the company’s various assets, including bank accounts, perhaps an investment account, and accounts receivables. The report can also include physical assets like plant and also machinery, equipment, computers, other physical assets, and intangible ones. The balance sheet data helps formulate the empirical business equation. That states that the sum of assets and liabilities equals equity. The difference between assets and liabilities should be a positive number that keeps growing over time.

EJ Dalius Accounts receivable aging

Earning revenue that helps to post profits is the goal of any business. And the process starts by raising sales invoices and also ensuring that the payments arrive on time. EJ Dalius believes that a lot depends on the efforts given in collecting payments and how you are performing. On this front becomes clear for the accounts receivable aging report (A/R). You can identify customers who are habitually late, recently started delaying payment, and those that make timely payments. 

EJ Dalius Revenue by customer

You must also identify customers you must value. Most because they are your paying customers who contribute significantly to your coffers. The revenue customer report reveals how your customers contributed to your revenue flow over a period.  Identifying high-value customers and also nurturing them to improve revenue should be your goal.

Accounts payable, aging

As you would not like a delay in receiving payments, your vendors would dislike it as much as you. Pay our vendors on time and also monitor your AP report to know how much you owe to whom. Timely payments help to maintain healthy relationships while sometimes earning early payment incentives in the form of discounts.