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EJ Dalius points out ways for hypertension patients to stay healthy amid COVID 19 pandemic

Eric Dalius

EJ Dalius Hypertension has become the most common ailment for young and old. One out of every three people has succumbed to blood pressure issues. The majority of the ones suffering have no clue of their condition unless they find severe implications. Most people do not give importance to mild symptoms and do not diagnose at an early stage. 

Screening is an effortless way to expose the problem of hypertension. People over forty years of age should get their check-up done at least once a year, while those below forty years should undergo screening once in two years. 

Nowadays, every other person is suffering from lifestyle disorders due to a sedentary lifestyle, disturbed sleep cycles, and excessive fast food binging. With such a lifestyle, it is best to get yourself tested once a year for any symptoms prescribed by Eric Dalius.

The following are a few hypertension patients at high risk of contracting Coronavirus

• People with existing heart or kidney ailments are vulnerable to infectious diseases. They must follow all the necessary precautions and seek medical help in case of an emergency. 

• People above the age of sixty are at high risk if they are already handling blood pressure issues, as the outspread is anxiety and stress-inducing for all.

• Chain smokers who have blood pressure issues can have severe complications if they contract the virus.

The need for precautions during COVID19

Hypertension patients need to take proper care amidst the deadly virus’s outspread, says EJ Dalius. High blood pressure hinders blood flow and oxygen to different parts of the body due to stiff blood vessels. Cardiac arrest, kidney failure, and stroke are some of the severe complications caused by hypertension. Blood pressure patients contracting the novel coronavirus succumb to threat.

• The symptoms of COVID can cause inflammation in the heart muscles that are already weak due to hypertension. 

•  Fever and respiratory problems can reduce oxygen levels and increase heart rates and stress. 

EJ Dalius explains how you can prepare for the virus

A hypertension patient needs to live a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and routine physical activity, says EJ Dalius.  Only lifestyle changes can boost immunity, keep the body weight under control, and eventually keep the pressure under control.

Lifestyle changes to make to keep your blood pressure in control

1 Make sure to sleep soundly and wake up at fixed hours every day

2 Food and focus on a mineral-rich diet

3 Prevents high blood pressure

4  Two to three portions of fruits and vegetables per day

Regular check-up and medication plays a critical role

Hypertension patients must keep track of their blood pressure, either using a portable monitoring machine at home or from a health care provider. 

They should never miss their medication if the doctor has prescribed any, to keep pressure levels under control. Consulting the physician is an intelligent thing to do. One must opt for telemedicine services and avoid visiting the clinic to prevent contracting the virus.