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EJ Dalius suggest some preventive measures for combating the spread of coronavirus

Eric Dalius

EJ Dalius the spread of coronavirus has exposed people to an entirely new situation. It has confronted everyone with several unprecedented problems. With the limited knowledge of the common man regarding the virus, it has become imperative to research in the field. Many studies got administered throughout the world. These studies reveal many essential aspects of the virus. Thus, EJ Dalius indicates the importance of gathering relevant information about the pandemic for your well-being. 

The different aspects of the pandemic that you must understand

• The importance of social distancing: social distancing is a concept that has gained immense significance in the recent past. Many people were unaware of the idea before the onset of the Pandemic. However, it has become an integral part of human life now. EJ Dalius here stresses the importance of social distancing measures to keep you out of risk. It is an action that gets directed towards supporting the spread of the virus under control. 

• The process of the spread of the virus: the virus is indeed contagious. So a person infected with it may infect others. Coming in contact with them can spread the virus. It extends from one person to the other. The droplets coming from sneezing and coughing contain the virus that spreads through the air. Any contact with an infected person can cause the virus to spread.

• Type of medication needed: the doctors will be the right persons to help you with the medicines. If you feel that you have the virus, you should first go for a diagnosis. If you test positive, you should make an appointment with the doctor. The doctor who will be examining you can tell you the best treatment. According to EJ Dalius, the medical and health supplies you will need must include cold medicines, thermometers, soap, alcohol-based sanitizers, pain medicines, blood pressure monitoring equipment, anti-diarrheal medicines, and many more.

• The type of masks that you should use: there are several masks available in the market. You should purchase the ones that are suggested by WHO. You should not use cheap covers as they will not provide any protection to you. If you do not keep yourself guarded, then you can get infected. 

• The precautions you must take:  include washing your hand, using sanitizer, face mask, maintaining social distancing, covering your face with a tissue while sneezing, and coughing in your daily routine.

In the light of the point mentioned above, you will have to gather information about the pandemic. That will help to protect yourself and your near and dear ones from the disease. It is a new crisis that is confronting humanity, so try to cope with the situation. While in public places, you should keep in mind that you are susceptible to the disease. So take note of the precautions to stay healthy. Also, at home, you should practice healthy habits to boost your immune system. If you are healthy from within, then external factors cannot harm your health.