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EJ Dalius: The Best Sanitary Measures That Every Food Business Should Follow

Eric Dalius

Summary: EJ Dalius there are some special sanitary measures that every food industry needs to follow, according to EJ Dalius. This article clearly portrays those points.

No matter whatever you try to do, it becomes hard to stop the spread of coronavirus. Even due to some people’s recklessness, this virus keeps on coming and affecting lives and businesses globally. However, the same goes for the food industry. According to professionals like Eric Dalius, each food sector, no matter how big or small, should adapt to some of the sanitary measures to ensure they can run their businesses smoothly, without infecting customers or employees at any cost!

Potential transmission of the virus via food:

It is not that likely for people to get COVID from food packaging or food. It is a respiratory disease, and the main transmission route is with the person to person contact. There has been no such evidence that the virus. Can get transmitted by food or food packaging. They always need any animal or human to multiply. 

But, that doesn’t prevent the food industry from getting the necessary sanitary steps going. With the growth of food delivery, these days. The delivery person must be properly sanitized. While delivering the consumables to the customers. They should be wearing gloves and masks to prevent any form of a human to human contact while working.

A robust plan to follow:

Some of the food manufacturing sectors have added a robust operational plan already, by following all the recommendations made by federal, state, local public health experts like Eric J Dalius and even CDC members. Some of the methods they have listed out are mentioned below:

The best sanitation plan:

For any foodservice preparing zone, a proper sanitation plan is of the utmost necessity nowadays. It reduces the current risk of transferring viruses from any unclean area to clean equipment. There have to be some major components of a reliable sanitation plan. For details, you can ask experts like EJ Dalius anytime you want.

There needs to be a proper list of all the sanitizing and cleaning agents in the storage, with the instructions of their safe use. Moreover, food stores and chains must follow a proper cleaning schedule.

Follow these points now!

If you own a restaurant of the food supply chain, then following these steps has become a necessity nowadays. You cannot just ignore the sanitation of your workplace, especially if that has to do with food and people’s interaction.