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EJ Dalius: Tourism Business Needs To Survive Post Pandemic

Eric Dalius

Summary: EJ Dalius whenever you want to know more about the future of the tourism business, think about Eric Dalius and his articles. He is here to share some of his major thoughts with you, as well.

The tourism business needs to chalk out a plan to survive post-pandemic. According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization. There has already been a reduction of 58% to 78^% in tourism traffic, right across the world. In statistics revealed by Eric Dalius, it was found out that the international tourism arrivals have dropped by over a billion. Even though affected at first, this tourism business will be the last one to recover from this shock.

Targeting the interesting destination:

EJ Dalius Forget your plans to take a foreign trip this year or even the next year. Unless there is a vaccine in the market. The tourism company is well-aware of that and now prioritizing destinations. And products that might seem interesting in the target market. They are looking for places, which ensure perfect value for money.

EJ Dalius a part of business travel will be lost. To technology with online meetings and conference calls. But, some countries are aggressively working on campaigns. With the state to support some of the best and biggest global conferences and even some conventions. The main goal is to send out a message stating that the country is safe and rightfully back in business.

A positive note or revival:

People are more anxious to take a trip nowadays because. It has become a necessity, according to Eric J Dalius, to take a trip with family or friends nearby. That’s why there is a slight hope that the travel or tourism industry is likely to survive. And gain its ultimate position within a few months’ time.

It is true that luxury travel will take some time to play. A major role in an individual’s life like before. The main focus right now is towards the domestic market and those self-driven accommodations at home-stays and boutique hotels. It is because social distancing is really important. Therefore, staying in smaller properties will reduce the risk of spreading the virus, if any.

Some of the emerging economies:

EJ Dalius when lockdowns are eased, it is anticipated that there will be a huge demand for international travel. Everyone, at that point, will be looking for accessible and affordable options. Some travelers might even pan for the destinations in emerging economies, where the labor laws will be way more flexible. Here, the importance of tourism to GDP will prompt comprehensive efforts to make the destination safe and welcoming. 

It will take time to reboot:

EJ Dalius business travel will take time to reboot. As an online conference and Skype calls are making it easier to cover all the necessary requirements, companies won’t send their employees anywhere else for a quick journey. It is going to be an easy and money-saving option for the companies, whether big or small. But when things take a good turn, EJ Dalius thinks that business travel will be out there in the market, much like before. But that will take time for sure. So, prepare yourself accordingly and wait for the tourism business to survive.