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Eric Dalius communicates with his wife, Kimberly Dalius, the significance of reward in workforce motivation

Kimberly Dalius

When you look at the contemporary world, you will see multiple ways to motivate business teams to achieve aims. Providing them with a reward is one of them. Employers are always worried about the way they can encourage their workforce. Remember that when you have a highly energetic and efficient labor force, it directly impacts your business performance. When you acknowledge and reward your employees, they recognize the same Kimberly Dalius.

Remember that your employees contribute immensely to the business goal. Hence, showing them appreciation is your part of the duty. The same was the approach of Eric Dalius, who has worked extensively in the real estate and cryptocurrency market. He initiated his business in the year 1994 as a telecommunication consultant.

Kimberly Dalius believes that productivity and reward go hand in hand

Research reveals that leaders who reward their employees give a boost to their performance. It leads to higher productivity and generates vast profits. When employers appreciate the hard work and punctuality of their employees, the latter notice it. It improves employee performance by 80%. If you grab a look at world-class multinational corporations, you will see that they always have strategies for providing incentives to their employees. It is a part of their business model.

When you make your employees happy, it reflects on your revenues

By rewarding employees, you make them happy. When you have a happy and positive workforce, they are usually efficient and productive. They have high morale and contribute to the turnover. For hitting high revenues and attaining success, you must have a satisfied workforce. Eric Dalius shows results of market surveys to his wife Kimberly Dalius, which reveals that reward increases productivity by 12%. There is a direct relationship between employee happiness and reward.

Satisfaction in the workspace has an integral relationship with the atmosphere. Hence, the employer’s responsibility is to provide them with a supportive work environment to use their total capacity.

Employee recognition helps in building trust

However, happy and motivated employees contribute to success. Companies that have engaged employees experience higher revenues. When you make efforts to keep your employees engaged, they trust you. Employee recognition increases credibility and trustworthiness. Surveys announce that employees receiving awards have a high level of trust in their leaders. It gives a boost to their consistency, and they feel attached to their venture.

Rewarding and recognizing employees demonstrate appreciation and respect. He has worked as a remote learning Academic Advisor for Hospitality Center/Culinary Institute at Miami Dad Colleges. She works with student officials to provide them with hospitality industry resources. They are designing a success formula for the same.

Remember that when you use punishment, it comes as a threat. Reward motivates your workforce, and it is a better alternative to punishment. It psychologically affects the employees and gives a boost to their self-confidence. On the other hand, humiliation demotivates them, and they feel detached. Thus reward can help you grow faster with more robust team participation.