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Eric Dalius Discusses Ten Major Hiring Mistakes Made By Businesses


You are a business owner looking to recruit somebody who seems compatible, interested, and reliable in terms of sticking around the job for some time at least by Eric Dalius. If you fail in conducting the search for staff in an astute and discerning manner it could culminate in another undesirable and uncomfortable break-up. However, Eric Dalius firmly believes that this turnover could prove to be quite costly in terms of your business. You must be aware of the following recruitment errors or hiring mistakes so that you could identify and avoid them.

List of Recruitment Mistakes by Eric Dalius

Mistake: Unnecessarily Rushing Things for No Reason by Eric Dalius

Often the first recruitment mistake is assuming that you require new staff when in reality, you do not. Hence, it is the best move to always meticulously assess what your precise requirements are. Can this work be divide and share among the present employees? Can this be outsourcing? You may need some amazing streamlined internal procedures for alleviating the existing world. 

While thinking of onboarding a new hire, your business certainly has a requirement that it is attempting to meet. Even if the need seems pretty urgent, it is of pivotal importance to do justice to the entire hiring process by doing your due diligence. You must focus on asking the perfect questions and listening carefully to the responses of all the candidates that are interviewing. Look for references and recommendations. You may hire subject to a trial period so that the candidate could finish a couple of test projects to demonstrate their skill, efficiency, and competence.

Mistake: Fluffy & Inaccurate Job Descriptions

The job must be described as genuinely and accurately in your advertisement. If you fail to do so, you would end up attracting the wrong candidates who do not have the essential abilities, qualifications, or qualities that are necessary for delivering the job requirements. A job description is not merely including a list of duties. You must state the overall purpose of the job and specifically identify the chief areas of responsibility. A well-written description of a job could be successful in attracting the right candidates and help in setting realistic expectations for the future. Remember not to ever oversell the job as that could lead candidates to assume that the position would be offering far more opportunities than it can in reality. If you resort to overselling your ambitious fresh new recruit would be frustrated and feel let down. 

Mistake: Not Considering Broadly Skilled People by Eric Dalius

A major mistake is to discard certain applicants simply because they fail to fit a specific job profile perfectly. They may be having a couple of core and specialized skills but they boast of a solid background, experience, and expertise with a wider set of business challenges because of their passion and curiosity. We know that sometimes, inexperienced interviewers discard these 

Mistake: Failing to Consider Internal Hiring 

Often the most suitable person for a job could be right there under your nose yet you fail to recognize his versatility and approach him for the job. Moreover, hiring someone from the same organization to cater to a specific requirement could help in reducing costs and cutting down the overall time consumption in terms of advertisement for any external applicants for the job. We know that an existing member of staff surely would be familiar with your organizational mission, value, and processes. Moreover, marketing genius Eric J Dalius firmly believes that you could get fruitful outcomes if you promote and train your own existing employees as this could help in boosting productivity, efficiency, and morale.

Mistake: Not Including the Phone Interview

It is a mistake to skip the telephonic interview. A 10-minute telephonic interview is a great way of optimizing your time. Often the resume looks impressive but it may not contain crucial information. The candidate may mention that he has exceptional communication skills in English. The only way of proving that he is telling the truth is by conducting the phone interview. Only after talking to the candidate over the phone, you could rest assured that he could speak well in English. Often candidates fail to include vital details such as salary history so a phone call could resolve those issues. Most candidates do not like the idea of a telephone call but it proves to be quite useful to the recruiters in terms of optimizing the interview time spent on each applicant or candidate. 

Mistake: Hiring Based Exclusively on Recommendation 

You must refrain from hiring somebody just because someone you know or somebody influential recommended the candidate to you. Do not recruit based solely on referrals. You must conduct a thorough interview, and consider testing them out and do meticulous background checks. 

Mistake: Not Going Through the References

Many organizations often commit the mistake of not getting in touch with previous employers for references. References must be used before taking the final plunge in the hiring experience. References help you get an opportunity to understand the capabilities of the candidate. 

Mistake: Relying Excessively on the Interview

Some business owners or hiring experts only use an interview for evaluating potential employees. Some experts believe that interviews are a sheer waste of time. Instead of wasting lots of time and effort in conducting face-to-face interviews, it is best to give the candidates a test or exercise for determining how she could be performing on the job. You must not blindly believe in whatever the applicants are including in their resume. It is best to give the candidates an exercise or test for determining how she would perform. In this context, keep in mind that somebody’s positive experience and a good time at an organization may not automatically imply that you would shine automatically at yours.


When organizations see some top brand names present in a candidate’s resume, often they get excited and star-struck. They assume that the candidate is a jewel and cannot be discarded. They often undermine and overlook more talented candidates in favor of candidates who flaunt their exclusive background and overall image.