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Eric Dalius Miami Discusses Why Miami Is the Best for the Growth of Small Business

Eric Dalius Miami

Miami is an enigmatic city and has become the best spot in the USA for starting a small business. Miami is hot not only in terms of its weather. But also for the business development that is taking place in Miami. Eric Dalius Miami says there are Multiple factors that stimulates business growth in Miami.

The city is diverse in the economy and it is one of the focal points of real estate and construction businesses. It is also the heart of tourism and travel; it has a growing IT sector and is also a vital city for Spanish-language media. Eric Dalius Miami discusses why it is best for starting a small business.


According to Eric Dalius, Miami has a flourishing tourism industry. Tourists visit Miami every year due to its vibrancy and exciting atmosphere. The hotels, restaurants, night clubs in Miami are flourishing. Miami is also the best place for someone who is looking for high-seas adventures. Miami is also famous for its cruise ships.

International Trade

International trade has played an important role in boosting the economy of Miami. Miami has become an international center for shipping business. Because of its favorable geographic location and a huge rise in immigration from Latin America. It has one of the busiest ports in the USA. For the arrival of cargo flights from the Caribbean and South America, the Miami International Airport is one of the top points.

Media and Telecommunications

The economy of Miami is also boost by its rich media and telecommunication system. Miami is an important center for Spanish-language media in the USA. Popular American Spanish television networks such as Univision and Telemundo are headquartered in Miami. Besides, Spanish television networks, Latin television networks like Sony Music Latin and Universal Music Latin are also headquartered in Miami.


The financial services of Miami also have a big hand behind the flourishing economy of Miami. It has a huge number of domestic and international banks. The COO of Popular Bank, Manuel Chinea says that they are fortunate to serve the small business community of Miami since 2000. The multi-cultural workforce and transpiring opportunities in Miami offer a dynamic and friendly climate for business operations. Miami is also praised by Jeison German of Jeison German Group which is a young consulting company that provides technology and merchant services to startups and small businesses.

Real estates 

Real estate plays an important role in the booming economy of Miami. It is now a new class of financial assets. Investing in office buildings and condo towers has become a new style of investment both in the corporate and private sectors. Miami’s growth has been recognizing as a global city by corporations, banks, and wealthy people.


The construction sector of Miami is still robust. Entrepreneurs are attracted by Miami’s robust construction sector particularly the small business owners. Growth in employment in Miami draws new residents and leads to population growth which in turn is boosting the construction sector.


These are the 6 factors that show why Miami is the best place for setting up a small business and how it is responsible for its growth.