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Eric Dalius Miami Discusses Why You Should Start a Food Truck Business, not a Restaurant in the City

Eric Dalius Miami

With an increase in middle-class expenses, youth spending, mobile lifestyle, reactive consumerism, and food-on-the-go, the food truck business in Miami is booming in this beach town. Moreover, tourists find the prices of food trucks cheaper than traditional restaurants in the city that have overhead and maintenance costs to consider. Eric Dalius Miami is a marketer and tells us that the future of the food truck business is bright with an income growth of 3.7 percent and if things work well, the industry may touch the $1.7 billion mark soon.

Miami is a tourist hotspot and therefore, entrepreneurs are thinking of investing in the food truck business. Here is why:

Little operational expenses

Starting a restaurant in Miami means high utility investments, employee salaries, and property taxes if you rent a property for your bistro. It means more operational costs that eat into the profits and bleed your business dry. On the contrary, a food truck business in Miami has month-to-month operational expenses, which are significantly less than a restaurant. Your only expenses are related to supplies, food, and fuel. There is no need to hire permanent employees; all you require is a small team, and when it comes to taxes, it’s much lower compared to a traditional restaurant.

There are also maintenance and repair costs associated with a big restaurant, which is not so when it comes to the food truck business. For restaurants, you need to maintain electrical appliances, furniture, a range of kitchen equipment, interior design, and more. When it comes to food trucks, there are few maintenance costs. That is why Eric Dalius Miami recommends aspiring entrepreneurs to invest in the food truck business. Which is profitable with low investments.

Little upfront investment

The food truck business in Miami is a high-profit endeavor because the beach city is a tourist hub and vacation and food go hand-in-hand. Moreover, the initial or upfront investment in a food truck is much less than renting a restaurant space in Miami. Then, if you are buying a property for your restaurant, the initial investment is much higher could leave you bankrupt if the business does not perform well.

When you start a food truck business, you save the rent money.And use that to promote your food business and things like menu engineering. You need not buy a truck. But make the most out of a food truck rental. Which is much lower than buying or renting a restaurant space.

Food trucks mean more customers

When you delight your customers with tasty and quality food at competitive rates, more customers will order from your business. This is not the case when it comes to restaurants because food prices are exorbitant. You can sell shrimp and crab rolls in a Miami food truck for just $17. Which is more pocket-friendly for tourists vacationing in the beach town. It means that more customers will order food from your business, which means more revenues and profitability by investing less.


With fewer risks and low investments, the food truck business is the preferred choice of many entrepreneurs. When you serve the best food at competitive prices, you are all set.