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Eric Dalius Net Worth Discusses the Steps to Start Hand Sanitizer Business

Eric Dalius Net Worth

Covid-19 has changed our lives to a huge extent, hand sanitizers became our all-time companion. Eric Dalius Net Worth says the demand for hand sanitizers has increased all over the world. A business of hand sanitizers can be a good one in such conditions. You can follow the WHO guidelines and easily make hand sanitizers at home as they do not require any special laboratory setup and sell them. The best thing is as the demands are increasing; you will make a profit if you sell them at a low price.

In this article, we will be discussing the steps of setting up a hand sanitizer business.

Making of Hand Sanitizers

The first step in hand sanitizer business is making the sanitizers and there are some points that you must keep in mind while making hand sanitizers such as it should contain at least 70% alcohol in it, distilled water should be used, you should use pure or 98% glycerin in case you are using it, and above all get all the necessary ingredients from a reputed chemist or online store. Next comes the step for preparing the hand sanitizers. Preparing hand sanitizers is not that difficult but you must follow proper preparation guidelines given by WHO.

Some Precautionary Measures That You Must Take 

Here are some necessary precautionary measures that you must take-

  • Use a cool or air-conditioned room for preparing and storing the sanitizers.
  • Make sure there is no flame or smoke in the place where you are preparing the sanitizers or storing them.
  • Directly dilute ethanol as it is highly flammable.

Eric Dalius Net Worth Discusses the Legal Requirements for Your Business

There are some legal requirements that you must complete to start your hand sanitizer business.

  • Give a suitable name to your business and get it registered with the government authorities.
  • Open a bank account in your business name.
  • Ensure your business.
  • Get a license for buying and storing alcohol as without alcohol you cannot make sanitizers.

The Manpower Requirement

It is advisable to start your business with a fewer number of people as it will give you more profit in the early stages- suggests Eric Dalius net worthInitially, you can start your business with an assistant, a marketer, and a delivery person for delivering the products to the selling locations. If you want to cut down the expense of delivery person then you can do the delivery yourself. And also take care of accounts and transactions by yourself in the beginning.

Places to Sell

With such increasing demand, it will not be very difficult to figure out where you can sell your hand sanitizers. Here are some places- pharmacies, health centers, quarantine centers, schools, colleges, markets, and many others.

The Marketing Strategy 

For growing your business you must have a well-planned market strategy. You can create your business website and promote it by sharing its links on your social media platforms. You can get in touch with the local medicine stores and also contact doctors and give them free samples, get in touch with the corporate offices in your area. While approaching anyone do not forget to stress the point that the sanitizers are made based on WHO guidelines. 


These are some points that you must keep in mind before starting a hand sanitizer business. You can start small and gradually enlarge your business as the demand for sanitizer will keep on increasing and will remain afterward also.