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Eric Dalius on How Entrepreneurs Work as Smart Marketers to Boost Business Development


Eric Dalius setting up your business is one thing, but expanding it is not as simple as it sounds. Most importantly, you need a practical idea that needs to work, finding a lucrative niche, and understanding your target audience, and then selling valuable products to your customers. Selling merchandise, services, information, and to get your brand’s name out has become cumbersome in this age of global competition. Then, if you do not have the right marketing strategies to fuel up your business, making profits and surviving is next to impossible. Then, you will find some entrepreneurs, who are smart marketers, who know how to boost their business growth.

According to an article published on, T-mobile in the US was searching for a new CEO, who should also be a marketing mastermind to help the company survive, as it was going through a challenging time.

Again, if you would like to get access to some useful marketing tips, read up this Here are some smart strategies used by entrepreneur marketers to boost business development:

Eric J Dalius suggests the creation of video tutorials

Eric Dalius the best way to get the word about your company and products is through the creation of video tutorials. You need to teach your audience something beneficial and walk your viewers through the same. Provide step-by-step instructions through videos that are a big craze these days. The more smartly you can do this and provide more value to your prospective customers, the faster you can improve your brand’s online visibility and eventually sales.

Today, YouTube has taken the world by storm because whenever people are looking for some product or service information, they opt for this video platform. Before creating video tutorials, think about what you want to teach your audience that would help them and make their lives better, solving their pain points.

The most challenging part is making your products look useful to your prospects. You need not appear in the video, but the instructions should be simple and clear for average consumers to understand. If you are good at making video tutorials, you will gain, when it comes to reaching your buyers and visibility considering YouTube’s popularity today. Therefore, keep making useful video tutorials to pique audience interest.

Make the most out of social media

Today, your business cannot survive without social media marketing. If you look at businesses, big or small, they have social media pages, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Initially, you might not have many followers, but eventually, with your posts increasing, people will see your Facebook posts and Instagram photos or videos and start liking your brand. Over time, you will grow your visibility on social platforms.

You can hire a social media specialist if you have the budget. Then, make your posts look natural and benefit-driven for your targeted audience. Stay authentic, and post useful info about your products without direct promotion. You can post anything relevant to your business and beneficial to your customers. This way, your targeted audience will learn about your brand, products, and the niche industry you operate. EJ Dalius recommends posting high-resolution Instagram photos and using behind-the-scenes content to pique audience interest.

Post direct messages on Instagram and Facebook, or for that matter Twitter to reach out to a broader audience and interact with your buyers, who might show interest in your merchandise, which is powerful and effective marketing.

Start a blog

If you do not have, a blog related to your business, start blogging now. You can create your blog as well as write guest posts on other platforms, which are authentic guest posting sites. Though some marketers consider guest posts not that beneficial, on the contrary, it can generate quality traffic to your business website provided you know the rules of the game.

It is not just about posting a few ideas on your website blog, but you need to consider authority blogging. You can use platforms such as Huffington Post, Medium, and similar ones to write guest posts. There are other options like Reddit and Quora too. You can also make the most out of LinkedIn Pulse for publishing authentic and useful posts. These are authority platforms, which you can leverage to reach out to more audiences, thus helping you to gain quick and instant reach.

You need to blog like a pro and not post lame content that no one reads. Add more value to the information. No, you need not divulge business secrets but post content that makes you an authority in your niche business. It is one of the robust strategies employed by entrepreneurs, who are also smart marketers.

Make the most out of email marketing

Today, entrepreneurs are leveraging email marketing to make the sales funnel work more efficiently than ever. The auto messages that reach people who subscribe to your mailing list. You need to develop an email series to develop a healthy business relationship with your subscribers. Try to be transparent, genuine, and get across your journey.

Once you start receiving email clicks and responses, divide your list. For instance, if a user clicks on a particular URL, it means they have an interest in your products or services. You can tag that user or subscriber to promote your products later. Again, if anyone purchases your product, tag him or her as a buyer. Recognizing your customers and subscriber’s interest plays a significant role when it comes to segmenting.

If you send broadcasts, you can split test. You do not know what aspect is the most effectual unless you trigger and test. It will help you figure out what your customers react to in a better way, thus making you a smart communicator so that you can sell your products better.

Final thoughts

Successful entrepreneurs are also smart marketers, who are customer-centric, prioritizing consumers who use products or services. Understand your customers’ pain points and work hard to solve that. After successful marketing, your products will sell provided you have the best quality items for your buyers. Taking care of your customers will help you gain their trust, generate their interest, and trigger business growth.