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Eric J Dalius explains various logarithms of cryptocurrency


People got fascinated and curious to understand how the mechanism of cryptocurrency works as they see the achievements of many entrepreneurs. The success of Eric Dalius has generated a lot of buzz and fascination in digital cash transactions. However, it is the various features of cryptocurrency that can help you to understand the mechanism of crypto investment in a much better and smoother manner.

What is Bitcoin?

One of the most popular cryptocurrencies is bitcoin. You can also assume it serves as the digital gold standard in the world of crypto investing. The price of Bitcoins over the years has gone from zero to around 650 dollars. The world of digital cash transactions for a long time to come.

What is Ethereum?

Another crypto-genius Vitalik Buterin has given birth to Ethereum, which stands second in the hierarchy of cryptocurrency. The difference between Bitcoins and Ethereum is that the latter is capable of processing financial transactions and complicated programs and contracts. The flexibility of ethereum has made it a prevalent instrument in BlockChain financial applications. Several tokens belong to the family of Ethereum, like DigixDAO and Augur.

Uses of Ripple

More than a currency, Ripple acts as a token to protect any network against spam. It is a means to safeguard digital cash transactions to prohibit spammers. The security features have made it a popular choice with many. Ripple is becoming increasingly popular, and many banks have joined the global network of ripple.

What is Litecoin?

In the global digital cash transaction, after the digital gold, Bitcoin follows the silver litecoin. Litecoin was brought into the picture to act as a small brother to Bitcoin with a new mining algorithm. Along with Litecoin, several other cryptocurrencies emerged using its code-base like Feathercoin or Dogecoin.

Although Litecoin did not become as popular as Bitcoin, it is still used as a backup if Bitcoin failed. The choices are plenty for users to select and they need to research and settle for the best.

Introduction of Monero

The need for privacy in Bitcoin led to the emergence of Monero. It was the advent of Monero that generated a lot of awareness in crypto investment. There were other incarnations, too, with similar logarithms as Monero, but none became as popular as Monero. It reached a peak of popularity in the year 2016. However, it is disappointing to note that the usage of Monero in the world of cryptocurrency is still minimal. 

The market of cryptocurrency is indeed not only vast but also extremely valid. With time you will note that cryptocurrency will gain more legitimacy, and it will also become a tool of remittance. Even though users are apprehensive about the digital market, there is no doubt that cryptocurrency will stay for a long time to come, and it will change the world. Many prominent Entrepreneurs like EJ Dalius have proved this time and again that cryptocurrency is a market of budding digital investment.