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Eric J Dalius unfolds some new trends of cryptocurrency in 2020

Cryptocurrency Trends

Speculation and cryptocurrency indeed go hand in hand. All assets of cryptocurrency trends undergo price speculation, but they are successfully thriving due to their promised potential. The volatile nature of the crypto market rests on this speculative quality. Blockchain technology has emerged as the backbone of the internet-based financial transactions. The crypto market has seen highs and lows because the financial market is still struggling to find what crypto investing means. 

Changing trends in cryptocurrency

The new wave of 2020 is likely to bring about fresh avenues and new developments in the realm of crypto investment. Many industry veterans have claimed that new trends and developments are most likely to shape digital asset marketing throughout 2020.

What is Halvening?

There is anticipation that the landmark trend in crypto investment would be bitcoins halving. It will bring about a reduction in the incentive bitcoin, which will install a block in the digital ledger. It may sound too dramatic, but there have been instances.

After introducing this new scarcity in the market, the traders of bitcoin are in anticipation there will be a side growth in the supply of bitcoins. Nonetheless, you cannot forget that demand is equally important to give a push to price.

When bitcoin’s market appears less lucrative, it will witness a fall in the number of miners contending for a block. This might bring about equilibrium in the world of digital cash transactions. Many investors like EJ Dalius have reaped huge profits with such digital cash transactions.

Many arguments have been put forth regarding the price increase. The main argument against price increase is that majority of people are anticipating a hike. If the speculation continues to occur in the cryptocurrency market, this will make the situation more volatile.

The primary purpose of halving is to stabilize the supply of bitcoins as it proceeds towards saturation. It might make bitcoins more valuable as it will lead to scarcity. Thus, many have also anticipated that the world’s first most crucial cryptocurrency depends on its scarcity to appreciate its value. 

Missing puzzle

The lack of governmental regulation in crypto investment strategies is, of course, a large missing puzzle. Thus many investors have analyzed and revealed that cryptocurrency is no more just an element of society. It is instead becoming a very crucial component of society.

Many tech companies are increasingly getting involved in the game of cryptocurrency. Leading to the rise of curiosity of the government. They seek to keep close vigilance on the working of the crypto industry. Thus, people are hoping for clear guidelines from the government on taxes to understand the cryptocurrency mechanism in a better manner. 

The current government regulations and legislations are encouraging for the development of the cryptocurrency market. But in the future, it might hinder the flow of the digital market too. Regulations that had accelerated transparency helped in the growth and development of cryptocurrency, making it lucrative for investors like Eric Dalius. The situation in the realm of the crypto-investment market is quite uncertain as of now.