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Eric J Dalius: Will Digital Marketing Change As a Result of Coronavirus?

Eric Dalius

The wide-scale event cancellations have racked up huge costs. There are ways to make the most out of digital marketing. With fewer individuals traveling, off-screen ads and billboards are less visible. Therefore, businesses must consider reducing any forthcoming events, pop-ups, and offline adverts.

More and more people are staying indoors and becoming more and more active on PCs, laptops, and smartphones. Because of this, businesses should shift from offline marketing to digital marketing, online strategies, and ads. This is the time to think about digital transformation amid the corona crisis.

Eric J Dalius thinks online stores to benefit from new buying habits of shoppers

Whether it is small businesses, direct-to-buyer brands, or big shots like Amazon, companies across the board are facing extreme difficulties due to coronavirus. Most brands are now worrying about how to maintain production, especially if their operations are overseas in places like China.

A couple of plants have closed indefinitely, while some other businesses are functioning. With limited resources leading to holdups and restricted access, brands are finding it challenging to supply merchandise to consumers.

According to experts in the sector, the e-commerce industry has never faced this type of a mammoth calamity like the corona pandemic. There are so many things to consider such as direct-to-buyer demands, ordering stock, and shipping the items to buyers. Amid the corona outbreak, people will stay indoors and work from the comfort of their homes.

No matter what, people have still been shopping, specifically shopping online from their computers and smartphones. If the lockdown continues, people will become more and more comfortable with online shopping. In time, this will reduce the number of customers visiting brick-and-mortar stores.

Once the corona pandemic ends, new consumer habits might lead to considerable long-term gains for e-commerce stores. Owners and digital marketers to drive new and quality traffic to their websites.

Eric J Dalius recommends keeping customers informed

No matter what media you consume, you’ve surely seen the speed at which information travels. With so much information and new things being discovered everyday, it is sometimes difficult to parse through so much information. In this case, online marketing provides many benefits. Online marketing can also help your business stay afloat in COVID-19.

Eric J Dalius digital marketers always have the responsibility of keeping their customers satisfied, but especially in this time of the coronavirus crisis, brands are taking extra steps to keep their customers up-to-date. Many brands provide updates and even recommend customers to stay at home and stay safe. By educating shoppers, your business will be able to recover losses caused by cancellations, postponements, and non-refundable ad spots.

Let us assume that a particular city experiences new travel restrictions or becomes a hotspot of the corona infection. For a hotel business, digital marketers should be prepared to inform or turn off campaigns to show that they can quickly adapt to the changing situation.

In the case of a hotel business, in order to avoid cancellations you should take the responsibility of informing your customers about breaking news. During this time, if your hotel business does not cooperate with the customer, it leaves a bad taste in the customer’s mouth. In this case, it is not work keeping some of the customer’s money if it means losing their business for good.

What about B2C businesses

During these difficult times, there are many opportunities for online marketers, especially e-commerce store owners, to restrategize and use transparent marketing.

On a product level, businesses should use the best images, descriptions and videos they can when it comes to marketing.

When it comes to logistics, you should be transparent when talking about shortages or delays. Make sure to convey that kind of information to buyers as soon as possible. Although delays are not ideal, customer frustration is even more undesirable. Buyers will at least appreciate the business’s honesty.

Creating a waiting list could also be a way to drum up business and increase anticipation for specific products.

Digital marketing alert-based campaigns intended at targeting the casual Facebook user or a bored Instagram addict can also be useful. Not only does this increase visibility, it also creates a good first impression of a business in the minds of your customers.

Final thoughts

You may experience business loss amid the worldwide corona threat, but if you focus on your branding efforts and ensure your business is a reliable information source, you can win buyer confidence. You also need to consider your digital marketing strategy, keeping compassion and sensitivity in mind.

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