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How MuzicSwipe Offers a Comprehensive Music Discovery Service

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Whether you’re an artist or a fan, you can’t deny the power of online streaming platforms. These apps have become a go-to source for uninterrupted access to licensed music.

According to the International Federation of the Phonographic, 45% of music fans subscribe to music discovery service providers and streaming apps. While most people enjoy listening to tracks on repeat, you get curious about what else is out there. So you scroll through discovery tools to connect with new artists and fresh content.

MuzicSwipe simplifies the search for newly released music by bridging the gap between emerging artists and target audiences.

This article explores how the music discovery service works. We also highlight the perks it offers independent artists and music enthusiasts.

Here’s everything you need to know about this new app.

The Premise: What Is MuzicSwipe and How Does It Work?

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The music industry has rapidly evolved, and artists are finding new ways to connect with fans.  Billboard reports that top musicians like BTS, Taylor Swift, and Harry Styles earned a sizable income from streaming channels in 2022. Online platforms are here to stay. But most apps tend to favor famous names over new musicians.

MuzicSwipe adopts a different approach by bringing a new generation of content creators to the limelight. Co-founders Eric Dalius and Jackie Dalius aim to empower upcoming artists by creating a music discovery service centered on the “artist-fan proposition.”

The app helps talented musicians to build their fanbase through optimized interactions.

Statistically, short-form videos gain 2.5x more engagement than long videos. With that in mind, MuzicSwipe creators built an app that allows musicians to share 15-second previews to target audiences. After that, users decide whether they want to see more content from the same person or they can swipe left to switch to another performer.

The innovative format makes music discovery engaging, entertaining, and exciting. As a result, it attracts more audience attention and allows emerging talent to shine on a global platform.

How Does MuzicSwipe Work?

It’s a three-step process.

Step 1: Create an Account 

After downloading the app, artists and music fans must create a user profile. The process takes a couple of minutes. Once your profile gets verified, you can create and share music.

If you’re a music fan, you can use the app to search for new performers from niche genres and watch their clips.

Step 2: Create a Swipe Card

Artists can create customized swipe cards to showcase their content. You can choose between a video, animation, or picture. Then sync 15 seconds of your original song with the selected visuals. Tag genres to target niche audiences.

You can create multiple swipe cards to promote different songs from your album. The diversified approach allows you to gain more traction.

Step 3: Get Matched

You can view these digital swipe cards if you’re a music fan. It’s similar to swiping through dating profiles on Tinder or Bumble. But in this case, one right swipe doesn’t determine a match. You need to swipe thrice to unlock the complete profile of the chosen artist.

For instance, users that prefer country music can watch and listen to 15-second clips in that genre. These previews give listeners a sneak peek of what they can expect from the new performer. If the user likes the content, they can swipe right; if they don’t, they can swipe left. Swiping right three times for the same artist leads to a match.

After that, music fans can listen to the whole song and other tracks and receive notifications of upcoming events featuring favorite artists.

Fans gain access to never-seen-before content to make their in-app experiences feel more exclusive. They can listen to these songs or watch these videos on other music discovery service channels. In other words, this is the place to access the latest releases and meet new content creators.

The Perks: What Makes It a Great Music Discovery Service?

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MuzicSwipe revolutionizes how you share and listen to music. Its intuitive interface allows you to explore various genres and match them with compatible content creators with a few swipes.

The platform levels the playing field by encouraging fair play and keeping the performer’s identity anonymous before the user swipes the clip thrice. If your music attracts the target audience, you will gain new followers once they swipe your content thrice. The rule ensures that fans receive quality content whenever they listen to new tracks on MuzicSwipe.

We discuss these advantages in detail below.

1. Music Discovery Service Tailored Just for You  

Most streaming platforms have a discovery tool that utilizes user data to recommend artists they may like. It’s an excellent premise, but famous artists often dominate the playlists. And you don’t always have a say in which genres and niche content you’d like to see.

Similarly, artists don’t control what the audience sees or hears.

These factors can put both at a disadvantage as algorithms take control of the music-sharing process.

MuzicSwipe flips the script by giving artists and music enthusiasts more power. Musicians can create and tag content based on their unique promotional strategy. Fans can pick favorites themselves instead of being bombarded by suggestions from an AI-driven system.

This way, the swipe feature makes the music discovery service proactive rather than passive, with equal involvement from artists and fans.

2. Thinking Beyond Short-Lived Interactions

Most streaming platforms let you listen to and like music. That’s the end of these interactions. MuzicSwipe offers much more. Not only do listeners hear new and exclusive content, but they also receive regular updates about upcoming performances.

Artists can send invites to live concerts, ask fans to come at a meet-and-greet session, an album launch party, etc. This way, a virtual interaction turns into a real-life relationship that lasts longer than an off-chance discovery.

3. A Free Music Promotion Channel for Emerging Artists 

Lastly, most streaming channels require monthly payments.

MuzicSwipe is currently offering free music discovery services for artists and music fans. Users can explore new promotional avenues and listen to new content without getting stalled by paid walls or a premium-tier system. The open access makes music discovery limitless and fun.

Wrapping Up

MuzicSwipe is a game-changer for artists and music lovers everywhere. As an interactive music discovery service, it fosters meaningful connections between independent artists and their fan base. It creates personalized experiences for individual users based on their interests and goals by recommending content from pre-selected genres.

Best of all, you don’t have to pay a dime for the music discovery service. Every user can access all the app features after signing up. That’s something overpriced streaming apps can’t relate to in this commercialized age.

All in all, MuzicSwipe is an excellent addition to this creative community. With this platform, you’re always one swipe away from discovering new artists, sharing your content, and building your music community.

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