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Kimberly Dalius


Kimberly Dalius is a highly respected executive coach and the founder of Mental Minutes Success Coaching. With a wealth of experience in both the private sector and academia, she has developed a deep understanding of the challenges and rewards of leadership development. Throughout her career, she has helped countless individuals improve their performance by building their confidence and self-awareness. Her passion for personal development led her to establish Mental Minutes, a unique and innovative platform that combines school counseling, mental health therapy, and professional coaching. In addition to her work with Mental Minutes, Kimberly also serves as a consultant for companies and universities, providing expert guidance on topics related to leadership development. She is a sought-after expert on a wide range of topics, including personal growth strategies, team dynamics, and relationship building. Kimberly is known for her ability to bring out the best in people, inspiring them to reach their full potential through creative problem-solving strategies. She works closely with her clients and students, combining her knowledge of psychology with effective coaching techniques to help them recognize and eliminate obstacles that may be hindering progress. Her philosophy is that everyone should have access to innovative tools that allow them to overcome any challenge they may face in order to succeed in life and business. Kimberly holds an MS from the University of Pennsylvania in Education with a focus on School and Mental Health Counseling. She currently resides in Miami with her husband Eric and is close to her now grown children, son Brad and Daughter Jackie. Her mission is to ensure that every person who seeks personal assistance has access to quality resources so they can work towards achieving their goals with efficiency, integrity, and persistence.

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