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Maximizing Customer Reach – Saivian Eric Dalius on the Top Techniques You Can Consider

Saivian Eric Dalius

In simple terms, marketing reach is the number of people who can potentially see your advertising campaign. According to Saivian Eric Dalius Marketing reach is important because it allows you to make informed decisions regarding your marketing campaigns and how much money to spend on each channel to optimize your ROI. With an idea of the marketing reach, you can tweak your advertising campaigns to make them more effective. Because brands want to address the maximum possible audience, they generally go all out to increase their reach. Some of the techniques that have been proven to be effective in increasing market reach:

Email Marketing Fetches the Highest ROI, Observes Saivian Eric Dalius

Despite email being around for very long. It remains a very effective way of getting your brand message across to your target audience. Even with many other digital communication methods now becoming popular. Email marketing delivers the highest return on investment by a wide margin. Depending on which study you want to believe. You can get as much as $42 for every single dollar you invest in email marketing. However, email marketing works the best when you can segment your mailing list according to parameters. Like age, gender, ethnicity, location, interests, previous buying behavior, and more. It will help you to customize your email shots for better relevance. By using email automation tools, you can send out a large volume of emails quickly and without errors, says Saivian Eric Dalius.

Social Media

With almost everyone hooked on some social media platform or the other. It is a good opportunity for brands to establish their presence on the networks used the most by their target audiences. Typically, businesses use social media to increase their brand awareness. And level of engagement to build a loyal community of fans and brand advocates. According to Saivian Eric Dalius, conducting promotions on social media is also very effective for generating traffic to the website that you can then encourage converting in many different ways. Posting high-quality, original, value-added. And engaging content relevant to your audience is vital for attracting followers and boosting the level of engagement. You must be consistent in your posting schedule. And also post when your target audience is most active on the network for better visibility.

Collaborations Are the Way to Go, Says Saivian Eric Dalius 

You can only do so much to boost your brand awareness. But there’s no reason why you cannot collaborate with non-competing brands. Existing customers, and also others operating in the same environment to assist you to spread the word and build your brand. Moreover, you can build a network of affiliates who use their spheres of influence to sell your products on a commission basis. Or even use influencers to leverage their social media following to boost your brand awareness and increase your follower count. Working with other non-competing brands allows you to reach out to more customers on a reciprocal basis.


Increasing marketing reach is a never-ending game. Your business will benefit as you reach out to more audiences and build connections with them. The more planned your approach and more innovative your methods, the better will be your impact.