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Mental Health Expert Kimberly Dalius Shares Tips for Motivating Hospitality Workers

Kimberly Dalius

Motivation seems to be a limited resource hence it is of prime importance to use it to the fullest. As a hotel owner, you should focus on not only finding the right motivation for yourself. But determine effective ways of motivating your staff. Motivation could help you boost personal growth and attain overall success. Everybody has realized that the hospitality sector is going through a crisis because of the global COVID-19 pandemic. There is a shortage of staff in the hospitality sector. It is of pivotal importance to focus on keeping your staff motivated. To make sure that they do not lose heart and leave the job. Here are some expert tips to retain your staff and keep them happy Kimberly Dalius.

Be the Role Model

Your staff will be too happy to have you as their role model. It pays to be their mentor and guide. Your staff will be observing. You all the time and they would love to replicate your actions. It is a golden opportunity to come up with constructive and positive feedback to all your hotel staff. Your staff should feel comfortable and free to approach you with all their queries and issues. You can act as their mentor. Keep inspiring the team leaders to focus on serving as role models.

Invite Your Staff to Share Their Feedback

While appraising your staff, remember that your performance as a hotelier. And a boss may be improved and it is essential that you remain humble in your attitude. Encouraging your staff to share their suggestions. And grievances could prove fruitful for your business in the long run. You may consider receiving genuine feedback via anonymous online surveys. So that your staff is not reluctant to share their honest opinion. Your actions should demonstrate that you care about your staff’s wellbeing and that their opinion really matters to you.

Treat Your Staff Well & Provide Incentives to Stay With You

Be competitive while hiring your staff. Offer good salaries by following industry standards. If you fail to pay a good package, they may leave your organization and join your competitors. You may raise the salaries of exceptional workers who are more dedicated, sincere, and hardworking than others. Besides giving fair and decent salaries, you may consider offering refunds for commute expenses, group insurances. And gym memberships. Arrange for regular training for acquiring new skills to help them stay updated. And relevant to the latest in the industry Kimberly Dalius.

Consider Promotions Whenever Possible

You must offer promotions to those employees who are most capable and deserving. You should acknowledge their contribution and motivate them. Often respect and recognition from the big boss could help them become more efficient and productive.


It is a good idea to keep your employees motivated at all times. Keep reminding them that they are integral to your business. And even tell them what their contribution makes. A difference while reaching organizational goals. As a boss, remember to demonstrate emotional support and empathy.