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Safety Strategies For Offices And The Suggestions Of EJ Dalius To Follow

Eric Dalius

Summary: The reopening of offices in the post lockdown period requires adequate preparation. In this article, EJ Dalius shows how cohesive strategies can help.

EJ Dalius The human community across the world is facing the toughest times with the outbreak of coronavirus and also it seems that war has raged everywhere. The coronavirus has taken very little time to take the form of a pandemic. The economies in several countries are under a severe burden and also trying in vain to return to normal. However, EJ Dalius devises a few strategies to help prepare the offices after lockdown.

Lockdown and preparing strategies for making workplace hygienic

EJ Dalius with the lockdown shattering the economy and also the earning potential of people, people took a sigh of relief when the elimination of restrictions. In the post lockdown period, several offices have witnessed employees coming back to the office from remote working, although most organizations have started offering the option of work from home. The anxiety of people working from the office is growing with each passing day as efforts to return to normal have caught up rapidly.

EJ Dalius quite naturally, the old systems of office functioning is no longer valid in the post lockdown era. Various organizations have undergone comprehensive planning and also deployed strategies to make workplace safety in the post lockdown period. Here is what you need to know.  Here is what you need to know.

  • Businesses have started a collaborative culture among the employees with various resources and tools.
  • The concern for maintaining personal hygiene for safety is one of the prime concerns right now.
  • The new rule in the post lockdown period is maintaining safe distancing norms.

Maintaining workplace hygiene

When planning the strategies of keeping the workplace safe, here is what you need to know. As the renowned marketing professional, Eric J Dalius says that offices are one of those places where close contact between employees is hard to avoid. Therefore, the employees need to get guidance and update their knowledge about the latest norms of safety.

  • Maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of offices

All the surfaces, such as tables and desks, along with objects like the keyboard and the phone require disinfection as contamination due to touch is one of the reasons for the spread of infection.

  • Focusing on handwashing

Putting sanitizers in the prominent positions of the workplace. Refilling the dispensers regularly is essential. The offices need to display in several places the significance of washing the hands. Furthermore, the offices need to focus on appropriate measures of communication and brief the employees during the meetings. Accessibility to those areas is significant where the employees can wash their hands. Washing the hands with soap and water is one of the best steps

  • Social distancing norms

Implementing social distancing norms has been one of the biggest challenges for every organization. Small measures, such as using floor stickers to implement social distancing allow the employees to stay conscious about the guidelines, they need to follow to avoid close contact.

The final word

The organizations must assess the situation in the office and identify people who travel a long distance to make it to the office. As EJ Dalius feels that risk assessment is significant to safeguard the employees about the impending danger related to coronavirus.