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The Most Hated Musical Instruments of All Time

Annoying musical instruments.

Even the most melodious instruments can be hated if it is the backbiting co-worker, the betraying ex-partner, or the college teacher who failed you by half-a-mark playing them. 

That said, there are musical instruments capable enough to be annoying regardless of the player – and, in this blog, we will be talking about a few of these despicable instruments. 

The Most Hated Musical Instruments of all Times

1)   The Kazoo

The kazoo is hated by parents all around the world. Obviously, this means that the kazoo is loved by children all around the world.

This is a plastic instrument that can modify a singer’s voice to make it sound ‘buzzing’. So, no matter if is Freddy Mercury or Michael Jackson singing in the Kazoo, you will have to need to have the patience of saint to not yank the instrument out of their hand and smack their head with it after a while.

 If the irritating buzz was not enough, another endearing trait of the kazoo is the spit that it causes to fly all over the place. Safe to say, gifting their kids a kazoo is very high up on the list of parental regrets.

2)   The Vuvuzela

The Vuvuzela perhaps takes the crown for the most annoying instrument ever made – and the only reason we did not put it first on its list is because we wanted to delay talking about it for as long as possible.

Yes, it is that scary. 

You may not have known the vuvuzela by name until now, but you must have seen it (and, if you are amongst the unlucky few of the planet Earth, been at the receiving end of its sound).

It is that long plastic tube with a horn attached at the end. The horn is blown into to produce a monotonous and the single-most dreadful note for what feels like several eternities.

The main reason behind the unpleasantness of the vuvuzela’s sound is that the instrument is made entirely of plastic, and comes across like someone honking a shrill car horn.

What is the only thing worse than a vuvuzela? Thousands of vuvuzelas being played at the same time – something that is painfully (quite literally) common at South African football games.

3)   The Bagpipes

You will either instantly fall in love with a bagpipe or carry hate in your heart for it until the day you die – there is no in-between.

Unfortunately, there are a lot more people who fall in the latter category.

Understandably so, since they pump out perpetual high-pitched notes that makes the ‘nails on a chalkboard’ sound feel like ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon. Since the notes of a bagpipe never go down, it does not take long for you to start feeling like your ears will burst out of your head.

You can thank the Scottish who, for some reason, thought that inventing something like the bagpipe would be good for humanity.

Ever since 1549, this instrument has been proving this assumption utterly wrong.

 Wrapping Up

To sum up, this was a brief list of the musical instruments that, since their inception, have managed to attract (a lot) more haters than fans.

Of course, music taste is subjective, and there is no reason for you to love (or hate) the same musical instruments that other people do. Besides, many a times, the way a musical instrument makes you feel has less to do with the sound itself, and more with the person playing it or the past experiences attached to it.