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Tips from Eric Dalius about some effective ways of building a loyal customer base

Eric Dalius

Building a business is a huge challenge. However, the challenge for survival that relies heavily on customer retention is even more.   Although consumers have a lot of choices when selecting products or services by researching and comparing brands. The truth is that 90% of customers prefer to stick to some chosen brands, as revealed in a survey. Therefore, customer loyalty is still a force to reckon with and the secret for business success, says Eric Dalius.  Indeed, the quality of products or services rules supreme when it comes to customer loyalty. Because it holds the key to repetitive purchase.

If customers are not happy with the quality of the product or service. They will indeed not allow brand loyalty to prevail upon their decision and keep away from buying.  In addition, customer service and good deals are factors that influence the buying decision. But considerations beyond the purview of sales weigh heavily on customer loyalty.   About 80% of customers turn loyal to brands after 3 consecutive successful purchases, while 37% of customers profess their brand loyalty by taking a long time and completing 5 purchases.

Here are some rules for businesses to follow that can help customers turn loyal to the brand.

Create a community – advice from Eric Dalius

While you would typically communicate with your customers, bring them closer to the brand. And express their loyalty, you must start a conversation with them. The idea is to create two-way traffic that leads to closer interaction with the brand and allows customers to discover the brand’s goodness from various perspectives. Such conversations can take place online across social media or in forums of like-minded people.  Create online forums and communities that give your customers a platform for communicating with your business and brand. You can even ask customers to share their personal stories and experiences on your website. Of course, it is not always necessary to build communities around the brand, but establishing your role in creating communities. To allow customers to engage in conversations will surely help them recognize the brand behind it.  

Reward customers for their loyalty

Nurture your loyal customers and encourage them to make repeat purchases by offering them some rewards and perks. It will turn your loyal customers vocal for the brand and inspire them to play the role of brand advocates.  The payback from customer loyalty. Programs are quite encouraging because customers who avail of the reward programs spend more than those who are out of its purview. The majority of the revenue of many companies flows from loyal customer programs. The programs make your customers feel exclusive as they could be among the first ones to purchase some new product or service, opines Eric Dalius.

Personalized communication

Personalization drives customer loyalty as customers enjoy the personalized communications that companies have with their loyal customers. With plenty of customer data now available with the companies. It has become easy for brands to communicate with targeted customers in a personalized manner that upholds their intimacy with the brand.

Setting up e-mails triggered by customer behavior that generates. Automatically whenever customers demonstrate typical behavior in brand engagement is a typical example of personalized communication.