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Tips from Eric J Dalius for selecting the right cryptocurrency exchange


That cryptocurrencies have become a major force in the world of investment right today is an undeniable fact. What began as an experimental technological project some years ago that only had niche appeal has now transformed into a massive global trend that has significant potential for providing gains to investors, observes Eric Dalius, who has been an investor himself. The sheer size of the crypto space can be daunting for investors to deal with hundreds of digital currencies.  Investors must take many more decisions like how to store their digital assets, how to invest, and how and where to transact in cryptocurrencies. When considering the latter, the most convenient transaction in digital currencies is through a digital or cryptocurrency exchange.

Choosing the right cryptocurrency exchange can have a considerable impact on the outcome of your investments. How to go about selecting a cryptocurrency exchange will become clear on going through this article.

Do your research, advises Eric Dalius

Reputation is the most crucial factor when selecting a cryptocurrency exchange.  Since you must share your personal and private information with the exchange at the time of creating an account with a cryptocurrency exchange, the trust factor becomes essential. Researching well about the exchange can help to understand its reliability. Besides considering the exchange’s claims, consider what users are saying about the business practices, ethics, and security systems. Inquire if there were any security issues in the past and how the company had addressed it.  Look for some negative stories that the exchange team does not want to reveal on their own.

Be cautious

Since scams and fraud are prevalent in the crypto world, be cautious to take each step to protect your investment. There are instances of cryptocurrency exchanges collapsing even after enjoying a good reputation. Ensure that the cryptocurrency exchange offers legitimate service. By verifying the physical address because it has links to transparency that aids trust-building. By knowing the exchange’s physical location. You will be able to fathom the legal ramifications of your investments that may arise anytime. Lastly, if you face account hacking, it will be easier. To deal with it when the exchange has a valid physical address.

Opt for higher security

Be apprehensive about cryptocurrency exchanges that have an easy account. Creation process because it could carry high-security risks by simplifying the system. It also shows that the exchange is not trustworthy. Store most of your digital assets at an offsite location, preferably by availing a cold wallet service regardless of the exchange you choose. Ensure that the exchange follows the same with their assets that are not required for liquidity.

Beware of Fees and pairs

To differentiate between exchanges that have ticked all the right boxes, focus. On the fees and currency pairs, they charge that can make a significant difference. The exchanges charge the fees based on one of the factors like a transaction. Size or your level of activity, and you must consider how it can impact your investment. The cryptocurrency pairs relate to the range of digital currencies that the exchange offers.

Match it with our choice of currencies to ensure that you get what you want.