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Will Office Buildings Become Less Valuable Because Of Zoom? Eric Dalius Comes Up With His Expert Opinion

Eric Dalius

The COVID-19 pandemic has been responsible for the biggest ever work-from-home experiments in not just US, but also global history. This phenomenon triggered an increase in the use of platforms that facilitate video conferencing and allow several individuals to collaborate and interact simultaneously in a virtual setting. It is, therefore, quite natural for Zoom to reap maximum benefit from this on-going work-from-home experiment. Zoom is fundamentally an effective video conferencing platform that seems to be utilized currently by millions of people. We understand that the company’s share price has recently more than doubled after the coronavirus breakout since December 2019. Moreover, there has been a boost in graphic content and trolling on Zoom indicating. That the platform is gaining traction not only among working professionals but also among enthusiastic teenagers.

Eric Dalius as per, the chief reason behind the incredible profitability of Zoom seems to be its large China-based engineering team. In China the average salary of engineering or tech professionals is lower than it is in the United States. Zoom’s competent product development team is based predominantly in China where personnel expenses seem to be far less costly as compared to several other areas.

Zoom had to spend only $33 million in terms of R&D, a mere 10% of its total revenue. Zoom recorded $7.6 million in net income last year despite spending over 50% of its revenue on marketing and sales like similar young business software organizations. The company’s revenue seemed to have doubled during the same period.

Eric Dalius Feels that We Need To Wait & Watch If the Radical Shift in Work Culture Is Here to Stay

Zoom’s phenomenal rise in popularity demonstrates a wider shift in the overall current work culture. This sudden switch over working from home surely would have taken place gradually in a purely organic way anyways. However, the sudden novel coronavirus outbreak has caused this phenomenon to accelerate. Eric J. Dalius, marketing guru and top entrepreneur, feels that there is no point in arguing about if the current work-from-home situation would culminate in a permanent switch over to working remotely and office building losing their value and significance. He feels that it is not right to make any predictions since there are so many variables at play.

Eric Dalius workplaces mostly have shifted from cubicles to open-plan offices. One could argue that open-plan offices have helped boost employee productivity. However, open-plan offices have also caused employees to think carefully before disturbing their colleagues. This surely made them far more respectful towards one another.

Now with the novel coronavirus outbreak, the open-plan offices have made way for virtual offices. Now more and more people are logging in and effectively conducting usual business and meetings from home. This should compel us to think about the core characteristics of the current work-from-home work culture. What precautions to take do we need to take to ensure success in the future and ensure efficiency when working from home?

Eric Dalius Discusses How Working Remotely with Zoom Could Impact Your Work Efficiency

It is of pivotal importance to determine the impact of using Zoom and working remotely on our economy. With a huge number of individuals currently working from home, we would see a remarkable reduction in friction. Zoom has helped broaden the talent pool. The most competent and qualified person. To head your sales team could live in an entirely different region than where the office is based. In such a case, video conferencing via Zoom would prove to be a hit idea. Remember video conferencing would be broadening your pool of talent.

You could simply send a direct link to start a Zoom meeting, whereas in a regular office, you could encounter a certain degree of friction while accessing all these apps. Using Instagram while speaking to any of your colleagues could be having a social cost imposed on your entrepreneurship. Working from home with Zoom is smooth and seamless but some people get distracted and fail to focus on jobs . It is, therefore, natural for Zoom to offer a feature allowing hosts to examine if participants are constantly paying attention.

Internal communication

Zoom helps in making internal communication far simpler. We know that the video webinars of Zoom could help in making large-scale training seamless and easy. After large training sessions, Zoom’s meeting platform could be used to easily split people into groups using Video Breakout Rooms. Zoom boasts a great chat function, accessible easily via your mobile app or browser or even your desktop app.

Zoom is the way to go since it allows people to easily share crucial information and valuable data. HR departments love Zoom. It makes it easy to keep the entire company updated on the latest industry regulations and standards, minimizing compliance issues that cause slow downs. Screen-sharing is also a great bonus that comes with using software like Zoom.


It is true that despite this dramatic shift to work-from-home culture, it is not likely that the novel coronavirus pandemic will transform offices for good. COVID-19 pandemic will most likely be regarded as a catalyst that has helped accelerating the switch over from offline to online work culture.  Whether you’re working from home or through a virtual office, Zoom proves to be immensely beneficial to start-up businesses and SMEs.

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